Unlocking benefits

Get more benefits when being a long term investor
In order to reward the support from the community of investors, we implemented a non-custodial soft staking with levels, where we log the duration of your NFT holding.
The duration your NFT is staked will increase the level of your NFT therefore giving you progressive eligibility to benefits.
NFT Level can be visible in the NFT metadata
Level 0 Benefits (instant when staked)
  • 5% revenue share
  • Referral program
  • Standard community benefits
Level 1 (90 days staking to be eligible)
  • 20% revenue share
  • Boosted Referral Program
  • DAO Labs Voting Power
Level 2 (180 days staking to be eligible)
  • DAO Labs tools access
  • Community marketplace
Level 3 (270 days staking to be eligible)
  • Equity Access
Penalty for unstaking
If an NFT is unstaked at any level, the NFT will lose 1 whole level. For example, if one NFT is at level 2 and then is unstaked, it comes back to level 1.
There won't be any token distribution for the moment.