Discover, compare & connect with a diverse set of web3 services in a multi-chain world - all in one place.
Simmple Labs introduces Catalog, the first module from the Simmplify Platform.
Catalog is a single place where you can explore all B2B & B2C web3 products and services. It acts as a search engine that allows anyone to discover, compare, & connect with all the products and services that exist in web3 across all blockchains.
Catalog search overview
Navigating through hundreds of possibilities to manage a web3 business is cumbersome and exhausting for stakeholders. Through our Catalog module, anyone can search for the product or service they need, compare it with similar products and decide which is the best fit for their business requirements.
Catalog bridges the gap between the people who have something to offer and the people who are in need of those valuable services, benefiting the ecosystem as a whole.
We are confident that Catalog will reveal and then emphasize how mature our ecosystem already is.