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Perks for the Onboarded Projects

Too many great builders have developed advanced solutions that haven’t been able to find their market fit not because of lack of value, but because of lack of exposure. We’ll support them by offering the following benefits:
  • Dedicated Web3 Profile: Each project will be provided with a web3 profile page where they can showcase their products and services, elucidating their value proposition.
  • Cross Chain Exposure: Projects can pull from the threads from every blockchain. Nothing is off limits.
  • Web2 Exposure: We are partnering with a number of web2 companies which will help projects gain exposure not just across chains, but across versions of the web itself.
  • SEO & Marketing: We will be hosting marketing campaigns and take care of SEO.
  • Admin Dashboard: We will provide an admin dashboard where projects can completely control what goes on their web3 profile with ease. The admin dashboard has features that will help projects in multiple ways as follows.
    1. 1.
      Projects will be able to see the Stats of their Web3 profile. They will be able to see how many people are visiting their profile, the click rates, how many people are reaching out, and so on. They can even solicit feedback from the community to improve.
    2. 2.
      Projects can post job openings.
    3. 3.
      Projects can run raffle campaigns.