Integration Modules

Connect with leading solutions in the space.
The vision of Simmplify platform is to offer an end-to-end management tool for any businesses in the waters of web3.
The goal is not to reinvent wheels that are already rolling. Truly excellent solutions to specific problems already exist and there is no point in competing with them. However, the current offerings are very fragmented. We will unite those entities and fill in the cracks with our development capabilities, creating a cohesive whole.
It's time to unite the Solana ecosystem to provide the most seamless experience on a blockchain.
We will develop workflow integrations through API with selected strategic partners.
As an example, the NFT collection management module would allow you to perform all these actions directly from the platform:
  • Manage your metadata with Metaplex.
  • Manage your mint whitelist system or presale thanks to Subber, Botheads, Mercury, Gib, Sol Decoder.
  • Prepare your collection mint with launchpads like Elixir, Bifrost, Hydra, Solport.
  • List instantly your collection on secondary markets like Elixir, Hadeswap, MagicEden, Solport, Yawww.
  • Implement your own staking with the likes of Honey, SolaLand, Diamond Vault.
  • Get listed instantly on Lending/Borrowing platforms such as Sharky, Frakt, Honey, Yawww.
The community management module would work in a similar manner:
  • Share alpha to your holders thanks to Anture.
  • Manage your community whitelist with Subber.
  • Improve your pre-mint marketing with Communi3 quests or Qwestive.
  • Manage your post-mint marketing with Nomads or Aiternate Flex-to-earn.
Of course, integrating dozens of solutions will require a lot of maintenance so we will prioritize those that are best-in-class.