Target Audience

We will target 3 types of audiences as potential Simmplify customers. They are:
  • Existing web3 business.
  • New web3-born businesses.
  • Web2 brands launching their web3 business.
The go-to-market timing for these 3 segments will be defined by implementation timing of the modules themselves, as each customer segment will have have different needs that will be fulfilled by different modules.
For existing web3 businesses, it has become complex to manage the day-to-day operations. Some examples are:
  • Many projects pay a monthly fee to task management systems such as Monday to only use a fraction of their features.
  • Projects spend costly time to manage team salaries.
  • Projects do not always have a clear understanding of their financial runway as they have both on-chain and off-chain operations.
New web3 businesses need to navigate through a fragmented and complex ecosystem. Some of the hurdles they face may include the following:
  • Projects need to assess dozens of companies for different services to launch a web3 business, with little easy ability to differentiate them.
  • The interface between the solutions (for example between minting and secondary listing) are not always smooth.
There are currently many barriers for web2 companies to enter as they have different set of requirements.
  • They need to be able to provide an accurate P&L and audit of their financials.
  • They need to comply with their legal requirements.
  • They don't have the internal resources to develop or navigate the ecosystem.
  • They don't know the true potential and use cases they can implement through NFTs.
This usually leads to outsourcing to external agencies for a prohibitive price with no guarantee to break-even their investment.