Team Introduction

Praj | CEO
Praj started as an enthusiast in Web3, and is now an advisor for multiple projects and the CEO of Simmple Labs. The whole idea of Simmple Labs was his. IRL he works as a data scientist in web2.
Max | COO
As an ex strategy consultant at Mckinsey for 5+ years, Max has experience in handling CEO level challenges. He has been a Sales & Marketing Director in a scale-up company for more than 5 years and was involved in raising $250 Million. He has invested in Solana NFT since August '21 in different lead positions.
Professor | CTO
Professor is someone who loves solving tricky problems and has a wide variety of coding niches, from databases to graphic design and UX/UI management. He has more than 5 years of experience working as senior full stack developer at Oracle. He is also a consultant in a start-up named Codemonk.
Hitman | Senior Backend Developer
Hitman has more than 5+ years of experience as a Software Engineer in Walmart. He is also a consultant for few start-ups in web2.
Mith | ML & AI Developer
With extensive experience in ML & is an expert in AI Mith is passionate about ML-DL techniques in NLP (Information retrieval, Information extraction, Search, ChatBot, ASR). He has been a part of Amazon & Ford and has more than 4 years of rich experience in clustering & predictive modeling.
Anky | Director of Creativity
Founder of a FunGuyz & Fun Labs, Anky has worked with some of the biggest projects in web3 space such as DeGods, OkayBears, Portals & many more. He is super connected and multi-talented. A true artist!
Wanderer | Senior Data Scientist
Wanderer is experienced in designing, developing and deploying end to end AI services across various industries. He has more than 7 years of experience and has good connections in the IT field. He is currently working at Oracle.
Zedmantis | Full Stack Developer
He is a full stack web developer who is passionate about building innovative tools that are useful to people both in web3 as well as web2. He also works in crypto exchange.
Daniel | Discord Manager
A Web2 entrepreneur who fell in love with Web3 communities. Navigating the metaverse with the homies.
Tuuxx | Product & Organization Advisor
In web2, Tuuxx founded and managed the most successful PVE guild in World of Warcraft for several years. He also worked as a digital workplace advisor for 8 years including Product Manager and Program Director missions during which he delivered worldwide multi-millions € budget programs. He started his web3 journey back in October 2021. He is:
- Former Board member at MonkeDAO (during epoch 3)
- Former COO at Cets on Creck and 313Labs
- Advisor for Nomads, Simmple Labs and Meta Thrashers (ongoing)
TH | Community Advisor
T H is one of 4 co-founders at Nomads and serves as the team lead. He has been in the Solana space for the better part of last year and has developed an incredibly deep understanding of the space. Throughout the last year, he has advised many projects on various areas including utility, growth and tokenomics. Outside of crypto, T H manages a program of 30+ engineers across 4 teams at a big tech company. Here, he has developed the skills to execute on a high-priority initiatives with many stakeholders across the organization.
Gus | Business Advisor
Gus is product director of communi3. He is also a core team member of Rifters. He is well known and well connected. He has more than 15 years of experience in web2. He is also a leadership coach and self awareness speaker.
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